Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bye bye boot!

oh yeah, i'm out of the boot! for the last week or so of my sentence i wasn't really wearing it much outside of work. my foot was feeling a lot better and i just couldn't handle wearing that thing in this awful heat. it was so uncomfortable. on monday i went to work without it, just to see how it went. i had the damn boot in my car just in case i felt like i still needed it. i was fine for about an hour and then it started to hurt pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as before. i took a naproxen and lo and behold, the pain actually went away! tuesday was a little better without it and today was even better. i'm still trying to take it easy because i want to be fully mobile for my trip next week. only 7 more sleeps until i leave! can you tell i'm excited?

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