Sunday, July 25, 2010

nearly there

i can't remember if i mentioned this but due to some seriously negligent scheduling i am nearing the end of a 9 day stretch at work. NINE DAYS IN A ROW. the only thing getting me through it is the fact that by 6:30 wednesday morning i will be strapped into united airlines flight 7720 heading north east. i am going to sleep so hard on my flight(s) on wednesday, i know it. i'm experiencing the kind of exhaustion where i wake up in the morning and want to sob because i'm so tired. i just hope i'm not too worn out after all this work to enjoy myself in pennsylvania. that would suck.

oh and i know i forgot to mention that i convinced my friend bonnie to come along for the pennsylvania adventure! she's very easily persuaded when a good time is guaranteed.

just 16.5 more hours of work stand between me and my mini vacation. cross your fingers that i survive those 16.5 hours without injuring myself or anyone else!

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