Thursday, July 8, 2010

new york, new york

a while back i mentioned that i'm going to new york city august 19-22 to see my bff for her birthday. well, i just booked my flight! it's officially official. i'm even more excited about it now that the flights are booked. i chose flight times that would really maximize my time there.

august 19
jetblue 1060
depart aus 7:00 AM
arrive jfk 11:45 AM

august 22
jetblue 1069
depart jfk 8:05 PM
arrive aus 11:10 PM

can you believe i've never been to nyc? never ever ever. i know 4 days isn't long in a huge city you've never been to but i'll just have to do what i can with the time that i have. my friend kerry posts a lot of fun things that i want to try to do/see. we're definitely going to see rhett miller and harper simon at city winery and we're going to try to see a broadway show. i either want to see promises, promises or the addams family. i think we're just going to look into the discounted day-of tickets and see what we can get. if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out but i don't want to spend a ton of money on it. i really want to go to a yankees game but $300 a ticket just isn't going to happen :( 

i've started following grouponnyc on twitter so i can watch for good deals on touristy things and food. i'm sad i missed the $18 booze cruise to the statue of liberty. although, as you know, the last touristy booze cruise i went on was pretty unimpressive. 

we're definitely going to the high line park. i cannot wait to take pictures up there! and, of course, i'd like to see some of central park. other than that, i don't really have anything that i must see. i'm not too interested in most of the typical tourist attractions. i am definitely open to suggestions though! but mostly i'm just excited to see my best friend and some of my other great friends who live there!

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