Thursday, July 15, 2010

that not baseball

on saturday before we got the news that cecily had given birth i was watching tv with nels. he requested to "watch-a baseball!" but there weren't any games on at the moment. frightened of the nels backlash i quickly put it on the mlb network and they were airing the 2008 home run derby. nels watched it for a moment and then declared, "that not baseball." and, you know what? he was right, the home run derby is not baseball. but what an astute observation from a 2 year old!

i usually watch most of the home run derby every year. i watch all the bullshit before it actually starts, i watch the first round, and i listen to the insufferable chris berman say, "back back back back!" about 200 times. then i get bored and then i get REALLY bored. i have come up with a solution though: either let less players compete or change the number of outs from 10 to 5. it's just too damn long. poor corey hart hit, like, 13 home runs in the first round but then had to sit for 1.5 hours before he got to hit in the second round. so how many did he hit in the second round? zero. that's some shit.

when watching a real game on espn i have a hard time listening to the likes of joe morgan and chris berman but at least they're able to talk about the game. during the home run derby there's NOTHING to talk about that is related to what's happening on the field. it is mentally taxing to say the least. anyway, i don't have much of a point to this other than to say that i fucking miss real baseball.

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