Thursday, July 15, 2010

toddlers icing fathers

my sister and i were at the grocery store this evening when we saw something amazing, they sell single bottles of smirnoff ice! we picked out a bottle of strawberry acai and planned to have nels ice his father when we got home. and boy did he ice him! nels is really good at taking items where you direct him to. for example, "nels, can you put this diaper in the trash?" "nels, will you put that sippy cup in the sink?" "nels, take this bottle to daddy!"

steve updated his facebook status pretty much immediately stating that he had just been iced by his 2 year old son. this prompted a friend of ours to have her almost 3 year old daughter ice her daddy. so now it's officially a thing. toddlers icing their fathers (who wear cargo shorts). 

i love the last picture where cecily is holding the baby and giving the thumbs up in the background. please note, also, that steve has a pacifier in his hand. hahahaha! and for the record, steve said the strawberry acai flavor was incredibly disgusting. it smelled like a starburst though!

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