Thursday, August 12, 2010

come and find your kind

i've loved arcade fire since i first heard them in late 2004. i can't tell you how many times i've listened to funeral in the last 5+ years. i love every single song on that album so fucking much. i had a really hard time getting into neon bible though. it's been 3.5 years since it came out and i still don't really care that much for it. i mean, i like a few of the songs but i don't really love any of them. when i first heard their latest release, the suburbs, i was instantly enthralled. i listened closely to each track and truly enjoyed every one of them until i got to the 15th track, sprawl ii (mountains beyond mountains). i didn't just enjoy it, i fell in love with it. regine's voice is so much stronger than it was on funeral. i've always liked the sound of her voice but i absolutely adore it on this track. i also like the electronic element to it. it's not overpowering but it's just enough to make it dance-y. anyway, i'll stop babbling about the song and just post it in the event that you live under a rock and haven't heard it yet. i literally cannot stop listening to this song. 

other stand-out tracks for me are the suburbs (continued), rococo, half light i, and we used to wait. but, really, i love all of them. and i totally adore this outfit from one of their madison square garden shows last week.


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