Sunday, August 1, 2010

day two: "quackertown", big canvasses and pancakes

i finally arrived in philadelphia around 12:30 AM on july 29. i took a cab to brynn's where the girls were still going from happy hour. ha! i felt a tad left out but i joined them for a couple of drinks before crashing. somewhere around 9:00 we all started slowly waking up and brynn went to pick up the rental car. we tweaked our plans a little so thursday was just going to be spent around quakertown and sellersville. the first stop on our way out of the city was at wawa for some hoagies. yummy! my sandwich really hit the spot. after about an hour and some traffic later, we pulled up at the spring hill suites in quakertown. jen's tomtom gps lady kept pronouncing "quakertown" as quackertown" though and that sent us into hysterics each time.

our hotel was gorgeous. it's only about a year old and the decor in the lobby and in our room was just beautiful. somehow i manged to only take a couple pictures at the hotel and neither of them really show how pretty it was. after rolling around on the beds for a few minutes and exclaiming, "this room is so cute!" a million times we decided to head out and explore quackertown. other than the small strip of what must be "historic main street" quakertown looks like anytown, usa. but that small strip of historic main street is a trip. we went into a 5 and dime, seriously, and...uhh, yeah, it was just weird. it was huge. it smelled like my grandma's basement, and it was full of creepy shit. then we grabbed some ice cream and walked down the street laughing at the weird window displays. we decided it was time to find the wine and spirits store so we headed back toward the new part of town.

bonnie and brynn lounging outside the hotel

list of emergency numbers by the pool at our hotel

the girls with their treats

a creepy taxidermied bear in the window for a cash for gold place. the bear is wearing all sorts of gold jewelry and his tongue is sitting in the window next to weird!

after purchasing supplies for raspberry champagne martinis, we went to a grocery store to buy some snacks. as we were leaving the store joseph arthur's tour manager called brynn (she does merch for his shows on the east coast) and said that joe wanted a huge canvas for the show that night but they were running super late and wouldn't have time to find one. i guess if you're not at all familiar with joseph arthur, or his live shows, you don't know that he does live paintings on stage during the show. luckily, there was a joann fabric in the same shopping center so we headed over there. the largest canvas they had was just 24x36 though so i got on my iphone and found a michaels nearby. at michaels we found a 36x48 that looked like it might fit in the rental corolla. as we were waiting in line to check out, joe's manager called again to see if we had any luck finding a canvas. brynn told him what size we were getting but then she also told him that there was a larger one. he said to get both. at this point we knew we would have to tie at least one of those bitches to the roof of the car. 

i think we spent about 30 minutes trying to "secure" both canvasses to the top of the car. oh yeah, the one that looked like it might fit in the car? it didn't. as we were working on that some guy with a clipboard walked up to us and asked if we were registered to vote in bucks county. we all told him no and he walked away. a few other people walked by and looked on, curiously, but no one offered any assistance. i wasn't all that concerned about getting back to the hotel with the canvasses but in a couple of hours we were going to have to drive 15 minutes to sellersville with those things on top of the car. eek! the drive to the hotel was a little rough. if we went over 30 it felt like they were going to fly off the car! we all had to stick an arm out the window and hold on tightly to the canvasses on top of the car. what an ordeal!

we got back to the hotel and had a drink, talked, and slowly got ready to head to sellersville. the drive down there wasn't actually that bad. we had to get there quite a bit early so brynn could get the merch setup. i chatted with tania, the girl who was opening for joe, and found out she was leaving on saturday for a little vacation to austin! i gave her some recommendations and hopefully we'll get to meet up whiles she's here. she is such a doll!

me outside the theater before the show started

the actual show was probably the best joseph arthur show i've ever seen. the sound in the sellersville theater is absolutely amazing! before the show we all joked that his painting that night better be the best he's ever done because that canvas was such a pain in the ass to get to him. the painting was definitely the best one i've ever seen him do!

after the first song or two someone behind me tapped me on the shoulder. i turned around and it was bri!! i was SOOOO excited to see her! she came up to philly on wednesday but had to leave before i got there. apparently they all discussed that she was coming to the show but no one remembered to mention it to me so it was a complete surprise. it seriously made my day! 

bri and me (apparently standing right outside of the men's restroom) at the sellersville theater

after the show we helped load up the van and discovered that the giant painting barely fit in it. haha! bri headed back to the farm, joe and ehud headed back to brooklyn, and we went to a 24 hour diner for pancakes.

up next: new hope and washington crossing!

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