Monday, August 2, 2010

day three: nachos, cocktails, nachos, and cocktails

we were up and on the road to new hope a little after 11:00 AM. our plan was to head straight to the landing for lunch. as we were walking from the car to the restaurant a guy with a clipboard came up to us and asked if we were registered to vote in bucks county. we said, "no, and someone asked us that yesterday!" then the guy gave us a look, and we all stared at him for a second and we realized it was the same guy who approached us in the michaels parking lot in quakertown the day before! what are the chances?!

we arrived a little after noon and i think we were all pretty hungry. there were no seats available right on the water so we had to sit in the middle of the deck. the weather was absolutely gorgeous and the entire deck was covered in big umbrellas so i wasn't in danger of getting a sunburn. yay! we ordered some appetizers and waited for quite a while for them to arrive. bonnie and i split some nachos. the beans and cheese were both quite flavorful but the chips were pretty awful so i didn't much care for the overall nacho experience. jen and brynn split a bunch of seafood crap and i had a french dip sandwich. it was delicious! i think bonnie had the meatloaf sandwich and i'm not sure she was very impressed with it.

fried calamari 


lobster ravioli 

french dip sandwich

after lunch we walked around new hope for a while and found the mannequin graveyard! i've been doing some research on it so expect a post dedicated to it soon.

we spent the last couple of hours at john and peter's enjoying a couple of cocktails, good conversation, and more nachos. 

i tried to take a self portrait of bonnie and me but my camera focused on a strand of hair that was blowing in front of my face (we were sitting right next to a giant fan)

ahh that's better! in case you can't tell by looking at this, we are wearing the same shirt. we both packed this tank top from target to wear on the last day of the trip and didn't realize it until it was too late. ha!

the girls at john and peter's

once we realized our parking meter had already run out we decided it was time to get going. we made a quick stop at dunkin donuts for coffee and then hit the road.

me and the iced coffee man

bonnie double fisting coffee

our next stop was about 7 miles up the road at washington crossing. 3 years ago when we drove around pennsylvania and new jersey for the day, we ended up at washington crossing by accident. we hung out there for quite a while and didn't realize its historical significance until much later. it was so beautiful and so much fun that i just had to go back. we sat on the banks of the river for 2 hours, drinking wine out of a box and taking billions of pictures. 

i have sooooo many more pictures but i think that gives y'all an idea of how pretty it is there. after washington crossing we headed back to philadelphia for a relaxing evening at brynn's. we ordered pizza and stayed up late talking in the backyard. our conversations over those 2 days were all over the place. i'm certain that most people who overheard us probably thought we were completely nuts. i loved it. 

the trip was everything i thought it would be and, of course, i wish it had been longer. it was so nice to get away for a couple of days, while seeing and doing interesting things. on my first flight wednesday morning i realized that this was my first trip anywhere other than san francisco since the last time i went to philly in july 2007. i've been to san francisco 5 times since then but nowhere else? that's weird! 

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bonnie said...

I blame my death plague for my lapse in judgment. Meatloaf? Why in god's name would I order meatloaf? I can't even tell you the last time I ate red meat.