Wednesday, August 4, 2010

nerd alert

on friday night when we were all sitting around brynn's backyard we started talking about how bonnie's roommate, his cousin, and maybe his brother, will log into bonnie's facebook account to use her in their stupid mafia wars. i know this because she's told me about it but also because every so often, something about mafia wars will show up on her wall, and thusly, in my newsfeed. the last time it happened i commented and said, "i think i know you well enough to know that this isn't you!" she said that she told the guys they could use her account but they cannot post things.

we then talked about how embarrassing it is to be "caught" doing something stupid even though you didn't actually do it, like playing mafia wars. then i said something that had all of us laughing until tears came out of our eyes, "that's like sitting down at lunch in the cafeteria, minding your own business when suddenly a 20-sided die rolls in front of you and someone just happens to take a picture for the yearbook."

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