Thursday, August 5, 2010


and i'm not talking about that crappy 80s movie staring kim cattrall.

on my first trip to pennsylvania in 2007 we randomly stopped in new hope and stumbled upon what i call a mannequin graveyard. upon googling it i have discovered that some people refer to it as a "mannequin garden" or "mannequin alley" but i still prefer graveyard. i guess i interpret these mannequins as being discarded, hence the graveyard feeling. to me, a garden would imply that mannequins are growing out of the soil between the cracks in the bricks in this alley and i'm quite certain that's not possible. i suppose "mannequin alley" is a nice, simple way to describe it. oh hell, who cares?

the name of the store that discards these plastic people is love saves the day. the original love saves the day was opened in 1966 by leslie herson. this article has some great information on the original store as well as its founder. i'm sad to say that i've never actually been inside love saves the day in new hope. the first time we went it was already closed for the day and this time we just breezed past it, only stopping to take a few pictures. and speaking of pictures, here are a few that i've found while browsing the interwebs this week:

this awesome one that i wasn't able to steal. haha.

both photos of founder leslie herson found here

and now my pictures! 



i can't really say why exactly i'm so fascinated by this but i definitely am. and i feel like there is an art project in here just waiting to happen...hmmm.

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