Monday, August 30, 2010

nyc: day four

my dear friend kerry unexpectedly had to leave the city the day before i arrived. i was really sad to miss her but i totally understood the circumstances. as luck would have it though, she came back late saturday night! we met in soho for lunch at shorty's 32 on the last day of my trip. unfortunately my hamburger was grossly undercooked so i wasn't too impressed with the place but the french fries were good (although a tiny bit too salty, which is saying A LOT because i loooove salt). it started raining during lunch and by the time we were ready to leave it was absolutely pouring. we decided to wait it out at the restaurant's bar. we didn't have to wait too long for it to stop raining and then we set out to do a little exploring in the area.

our first stop was to experience what kerry called "the best chocolate chip cookie ever" at the soho birdbath green bakery. josh described the cookie as a "butter bomb" and he was right. butter bomb=totally freakin' delicious. i wish i had tried the pretzel croissant too but i guess i'll just have to do that on my next visit. our next stop was at the morrison hotel gallery on prince street. they had a really great photo of a very young neil young there. i loved it. we went into another gallery that wasn't very remarkable and i don't even remember the name of it. like i said, unremarkable. 

the final spot we stopped at before parting ways was wooster and grand. last fall while heading home kerry and josh witnessed some street art going up at wooster and grand. as you can tell from watching the video, they thought it was awesome. mr. spray became pretty important to kerry, which you can read about here. we stopped to see what's left of him, which is just the spray.

dana, me and kerry 

me and my lovely kerry :)

a shepard fairey piece around the corner

i feel like every time i see kerry it's for too short a time, but this time was realllllly short. i'm happy i was able to see her at all though, of course! i really enjoyed the afternoon with everyone. and i'm glad that kerry and josh finally got to meet dana and vice versa. they're all some of my favorite people so obviously they should know each other!

the crazy rain from earlier in the day was just the beginning of some seriously insane stormin'. my flight was scheduled to leave JFK at 8:05PM but didn't end up leaving until about 11:00PM. all the flights in and out of the airport were delayed so the entire airport was just a mess. there were no empty chairs anywhere. i needed to charge my phone anyway so i parked it on the floor next to an outlet. then this guy sat next to me and proceeded to fart, basically all over me, for quite a while. if i didn't really need to charge my phone i would have taken off pretty quickly. 

all-in-all my first trip to new york city was very successful. i know i didn't see that many "sights" but that's just not what i went for. i went to have a good time with my friends and that was most certainly accomplished. i'm already hoping to go back in the spring!

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