Sunday, August 29, 2010

nyc: day three

i will not lie to you folks, i woke up on the third day of my new york vacation feeling pretty damn rough. all i wanted to do was go back to sleep but i didn't want to waste the day so i powered through. josh had invited all of us over to his place for brunch so we were out the door around 10:00 that morning. we stopped by trader joe's to get prosecco and orange juice. i had never been to trader joe's before (we don't have them here) but i was in too big of a hurry to really check the place out. we got to experience the unbelievably aggressive women on canal street who wanted us to buy their knock-off hand bags and watches. good lord almighty, i wanted to punch them in the face!

brunch was great. josh brought in a ton of food from russ and daughters. there were 5 of us, other than josh, and only jeremy had ever had lox before. josh was just blown away by that! i tried to explain to him that it's just not that popular here. i mean, yeah, you can find lox in austin if you want to but everyone here wants breakfast tacos or migas. i didn't try it because fish and i just don't mix. a couple days before when josh told me he was getting russ and daughters i thought i might try it but when i woke up on saturday i was feeling pretty icky so i didn't think it was a good time to be adventurous. but everyone else tried it and loved it.

some of the aftermath

josh was put on a low acid diet and his doctor gave him this card to check out the cookbook. nice name!

after brunch we parted ways with everyone else and dana and i headed to the high line. it was one of my "must see" places. on my flight home i watched an episode of law and order: criminal intent where they found a body up there. it was before the city made it into a park though. i thought, "good thing i didn't see this episode before i went or i would have been looking for bodies all over the place like i did in central park." ha! i really enjoyed the high line. i would totally go there just to read, people watch, and relax if i lived in new york. 

awesome windows!

cute couple

oops, my camera was zoomed in!

yeah, that's better!

it was sporadically windy up there so my hair looks a little crazy in this one

i couldn't not take a picture of this. the guy with the camera was making his subjects pose in such a cheesy romantic way, it looked so awkward!

this is right about where the found that body on criminal intent...i'm pretty sure...

after the high line we headed back to brooklyn and did some serious decompressing. i think we watched at least a couple hours worth of mindless television, then napped for a couple more hours. we finally went to dinner at luzzo's in the east village around 9. luzzo's is tiny, like most places in new york, so we had to wait quite a while for a table. our wait was made even longer by the fact that they forgot about us. seriously, other parties of 4 who arrived after we did were seated before we were. anyway, once we were finally seated we had a great meal. we started with a meatball appetizer which were made from italian sausage and had mozzarella in the middle. absolutely delicious! we ended up over-ordering on pizza because for some reason we thought that 4 people needed to large pizzas. haha whatevs. we had one with prosciutto and arugula and another with spicy salami. the prosciutto pizza was a-maz-ing! i think we ate all of it and left about half of the spicy salami behind. 

after dinner we hit up several shithole bars in the east village. the first bar was one that matt told us was called cheap shots. upon looking up cheap shots on yelp i discovered that it is now called spanky and delilah's. we could hear margarittaville blaring from the sidewalk and immediately upon entering we were subjected to a strong odor of porta-potty. the drinks were cheap and the jukebox was free but the stench in there was more than i could handle. we left after one drink and went to international bar. it was another total dive but at least it didn't stink. i didn't get a picture of this but i went into one of the restrooms and someone had crossed out the "wash hands" part of the "employees must wash hands" sign and in its place wrote "piss in sink." classy. the third and final shithole bar of the evening was the holiday cocktail lounge. it was actually the nicest of the three bars. it was spacious, smelled normal, and had a lovely waitstaff. i probably wouldn't go back there though but it did end up being the high point of the bar tour. 


Kimberly said...

Hahaha I can't believe you went to cheap shots!

stefanie said...

ugh it was the worst! it WAS cheap though.