Saturday, August 28, 2010

nyc: day two

i can't quite remember what time we woke up on friday but it wasn't too early. i think it took both me and dana a while to get moving that morning. eventually we headed out to the brooklyn museum. i was most looking forward to seeing abdi farah's pieces from work of art: the next great artist and andy warhol the last decade. i, like most other people, was not very familiar with warhol's later work. i enjoyed the piss paintings, as well as the pieces there were basically covered in diamond dust (not the shoes that are pretty popular). it was also pretty fascinating to see all of the huge screen prints in person.

i think out of all of abdi's pieces, my favorite one to see up close was the self portrait made with charcoal and dirt.

here are some more random pics from the museum outing:

the brooklyn museum

danaburger and her red bull outside of the museum

i cannot remember this artist's name but i am 99% positive i've seen pieces by the same person at the blanton museum in austin

visitor art in the upstairs gift shop

we also got to see mummies! it was actually quite creepy. 

that evening we went to pianos in the lower east side for a couple of margaritas. a couple turned into more than a couple. it happens!

me and my first margarita of the night

pianos has $4 margaritas during happy hour. that is the only possible reason to go to this place. the music was so ridiculously loud for happy hour. i couldn't believe how loud it was! also, i was fucking stoked about the panko breaded chicken strips on their menu until i tasted one and it tasted fishy and awful. eww. that was a major disappointment. after pianos we went over to sophie's in alphabet city. sophie's is a dive bar that serves tito's and has a great jukebox. i mean GREAT. i played the following songs:

talking heads-psycho killer
the band-the night they drove old dixie down
arcade fire-haiti
lou reed-walk on the wild side
queen and david bowie-under pressure

we spent a lot of time staring at this painting that was hanging above our table. what is going on?!

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