Friday, August 27, 2010

nyc: day one

i'm sure each one of these recaps will be long. this is mostly for posterity but you are more than welcome to read, and enjoy, them!

once the masshole family was out of my hair, it was smooth sailing to JFK. it was my first trip on jetblue and i was beyond excited to be able to watch tv on board. i watched 3 episodes of house (that i had never seen before!) and before i knew it, we were descending upon new york city. i made some notes on my phone during the flight of things i guess i thought i would want to blog about. here's the list:

whole can of coke!
jerry springer jello wrestling

i was really excited that they gave me the entire can of coke instead of just a tiny cup like other airlines. i was also really stoked that they had munchies because i love that shit. i guess while flipping channels i saw some people jello wrestling on jerry springer? and the big one: the bathroom. i wouldn't say that i fly a lot compared to most people but i do my fair share. at least 2-5 flights a year, probably. anyway, on flight 1060 from AUS to JFK i used the bathroom on the plane for the very first time in my life. normally i just hold it until we land but this urge set in pretty early into my nearly 4 hour flight. i obviously wasn't even going to try to hold it so i just went. and, as many of you probably know, it wasn't that bad.

okay, enough of the flight stuff! after i got to dana's i took a quick shower and we headed to central park.

please excuse how dirty my lens was when i took this :(

we mostly just walked around and said things like, "this rock looks familiar, i think they found a body behind it on svu." haha that's soooo how dana and i roll. after the park we wandered over to the rockefeller area for a couple of minutes. we didn't stay long though because i wanted to head back to dana's to freshen up for the concert at city winery. darren met up with us in brooklyn and we headed over to manhattan to meet kim. we had a long wait because someone jumped in front of the A train which obviously caused tremendous delays. we ended up taking a different train and just trekking it the rest of the way.

city winery! i've been waiting so long to go there. my amazing friends josh and kerry are there all the time and i've been dying to see the place. it was HUGE! and fantastic. josh gave us the tour, including going places where "NO ACCESS" signs were posted and rooms where josh had to enter a code on the keypad next to the door. it was really exciting to finally see the place in real life, not just in pictures. we had some mini burgers, which were TO DIE FOR, and a couple of pizzas, the wild mushroom and the buffalo mozzarella. i didn't try the mushroom one (barf) but the other was delicious. 

shortly before the show started someone came over and told josh that paul simon was there. i exclaimed, "i knew it!" as i had been telling dana earlier that i was hoping he would make an appearance. josh asked how i knew that paul simon would be there. i guess he missed the memo that harper simon was paul simon's son. i went and took a peek at paul and boy is he little and old now. ha! harper was great live. most of the time he sounds nothing like his dad but there are certain times where his timing and inflection sound exactly like him. it's crazy. i wish he could have played longer but he was opening for rhett miller. rhett was great. very energetic! tracy bonham came out and did a few songs with him which seemed incredibly random to me. her voice is incredible though! who knew? i mean, the only time i've ever really heard her sing was that god awful mother mother song from the 90s and that song certainly didn't display her vocal talents. rhett played a song that made MANY mentions to texas and you better believe that 4 out of the 6 of us at our table hollered every time he said it. josh couldn't believe how proud texans are. 

i would say that we all had a truly incredible time at city winery. josh was such a kind, generous, and gracious host to all of us (including 4 people he had never even met before). i am very lucky to be able to call him a friend.

barrels and barrels of wine at city winery

bottles behind a very grand staircase

chocolate pistachio mousse that josh secretly ordered for dana's birthday


new bffs bonding over wine

awwww i love this guy!

after a delightful time at city winery we headed to williamsburg to meet some friends at union pool. i might as well have been in austin. hipsters and a taco truck on the back patio? yes, austin. 

oh! before i forget...rhett miller read several passages from celebrity chekhov during his set. it was totally hilarious! i can't wait until it's released because i want to read it at parties. haha! 

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