Friday, September 3, 2010

do not feed the trolls

one of the downsides to being involved in any sort of "internet community" is that you are pretty likely to encounter some evil troll bitches. they're everywhere. they leave comments on your local newspaper's online articles, you find them on your celeb gossip sites, you see their awful comments on your bloggy friend's posts, and these trolls might even have the same favorite band you do. the latter is where i really experienced this troll phenomenon. i supposed i may use the term "troll" a little differently than some. to me, they are people who found their piece of the internet the same way the rest of us did but once they got there, they took shits on it on a daily basis.

i had my fair share of drama-rama on the gomez message board until i ultimately decided to leave about a year ago. it wasn't as much fun as it had been when i first joined and met so many great friends, so walking away was a pretty easy decision. i'm not going to tell you all that i was completely innocent because i know i wasn't. i'm opinionated as fuck, just like most other people on the internet, and i'm stubborn sometimes. i will debate you in a friendly manner until you start saying nasty things just for the sake of being nasty. however, i think the big differences between myself and the troll bitches is a)i don't hide behind the internet to make snide-ass comments about other people b)i don't say rude, hurtful things to people just for the fun of it and c)i'm not contrary just for the sake of being contrary. that has to be one of my biggest pet peeves ever. "oh, everyone likes radiohead? i hate radiohead. i don't have a reason to hate them, i just do because you like them." ughhhhh.

the trolls claimed that they felt "left out" because some of us had closer relationships with others. welcome to the real world, idiots. that shit happens everywhere all the time. so we have the same favorite band? neat, but if that's where the similarities end, then that's where the similarities end. if some of us happened to bond over different things and develop real friendships, that's nothing to get your panties in wad about. don't chastise people for being in a "clique" when you're also in a clique: the clique that only has negative things to say all the time and tries really hard to make people interested in your "inside jokes." to quote my high school drama teacher speaking to dana, "nobody's interested."

i'm not really sure what even made me think about this after all this time. i'm not still sore about it because i know that i came out ahead in the end. i think part of what got me thinking about it was jenn's recent post about drama in her area of the blogosphere. i guess i just don't understand what makes people want to start drama. i have always tried to live a low-drama existence and for the most part i've been successful at it. there's a socially incorrect analogy about fighting on the internet but, well, you already know that one. but seriously, who are these people? who thinks, "i'm going to join this little section of the internet to stir up drama and piss people off!" apparently their own lives are so boring that they don't have any real people to fight with. and now i'm left with a question? did these trolls begin their awful internet behavior because they have no friends in real life or do they not have friends in real life because deep down they've always been trolls? the world may never know.

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