Wednesday, September 8, 2010

if benjamin were an ice cream flavor

in 1992 at the ripe old age of 9 my mom took me to see wayne's world. i don't even remember much about wayne's world as a skit on saturday night live because a)i was young and b)i went to bed before saturday night live even came on! but i loved that movie. we bought it on vhs after it was released and my sister and i must have watched it 200 times. i'm not kidding. we could, and still can, quote pretty much every line in that movie.

a couple of weeks ago my sister said to me, "i think steve lost some respect for me this weekend." when i inquired about this alleged loss of respect she replied, "we watched wayne's world together for the first time." say no more, sister. we are both physically incapable of watching that movie without reciting every line. i'm sure that's unbelievably annoying to a fellow viewer who does not have everything about that movie memorized.

other (non-kid)movies that were on heavy rotation in our household:
indiana jones and the last crusade

i probably have all of those memorized as well but they're just not as quotable as wayne's world.

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