Sunday, September 12, 2010

kids are so entertaining

if you're my friend on facebook then you've probably already seen these videos. i took all of these last week and i laugh every time i watch them. my sister and dad are taking the boys to kansas tomorrow so i'm going to have to watch these to tide me over until they get back.

last week i had lunch with jenn and she was telling me how they've been trying to get their daughter to say, "say what?" but she just says, "whaaat?" i told my sister about it and she thought we could get nels to do it. we were wrong.

a lovely rendition of little bunny foo foo. my favorite parts include "popping through the forest" and the way he pronounces "head" at the end (along with bopping himself on the head)

and finally, here is nels watching this video on papi's "coober" my favorite part of this is when he says, "where his mommy?" aww!

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