Thursday, September 16, 2010

what have i been up to?

yep, i've got the good ol' end of summer cold. on monday i felt pretty craptastic but i thought it was just allergies. after taking zyrtec (which totally controlled my fall allergies last year) and benadryl, i had to admit that they weren't offering relief because i actually have a cold. the nyquil seems to help but the dayquil doesn't do much for me. i think the problem is actually that when i take the nyquil i'm also relaxed, at home, probably in my bed and when i take dayquil i'm at work for 8 hours running around like a crazy person. it's easy to think you feel better when you're not doing shit. 

so this weekend will probably be spent working and sleeping a lot when i'm not working. my only big plans aren't until 9/22 so hopefully i'll feel better by then. 

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