Monday, September 20, 2010

this is a story about pot roast

what meat eater out there doesn't love a good pot roast? when i was little my grandma used to make one every sunday. well, i assume she did it every sunday and not just the sundays that we were visiting. i do not care for cooked carrots but you better believe i piled my plate high with potatoes and meat then completely soaked both in meat juice. you know, the juice that's at the bottom of the roasting pan after the dish is finished cooking? that delicious meat juice. 

when i was 13 or 14 i went to spend the night with a friend at her dad and step-mom's house. they made a lovely pot roast for dinner and i was super excited to dig in. it's always been one of my favorite dishes, especially homemade. as we sat down at the table i started to peruse all the items set out in front of us and then panic set in. "where's the meat juice?!" i thought to myself. okay, a well made pot roast doesn't require meat juice but potatoes DO. how was i going to eat this without that sweet sweet nectar? i can't even remember what the meal was actually like, apparently i blocked it out of my mind. i imagine i choked down a few bites of potatoes, ate my meat, and was done. what i do remember is that as i was helping clear the table i took a stack of plates into the kitchen and saw my friend's step-mom pouring the meat juice down the sink. i was mortified. "that's not what you're supposed to do with it!" i screamed, in my mind. 

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Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i do not like carrots! not one bit! but pot roast, BRING IT ON!

too funny about the meat juice. that is kinda like bacon grease!