Tuesday, September 21, 2010

why i should never take mucinex

last week i had a bad cold. bad bad bad. i took nyquil/dayquil for a couple of days but it just wasn't cutting the mustard. i had to call in sick to work on friday and i decided i needed something other than nyquil to try to treat my symptoms. i made a miserable phone call to my mom and said, "moooommy, i need medicine." i told her to ask the pharmacist what i needed and she came home with mucinex d. i had never taken mucinex before and i honestly cannot tell you the last time i took anything that contained psuedoephedrine. after the second dose on saturday morning i started to feel a million times better. it dried me right up. i was thrilled! then the bad stuff started happening.

i was ridiculously irritable all day saturday. as i was getting ready to go to work my cat would not stop meowing and i literally thought i was going to have to boot her ass out of the house. she was driving me up the wall. the irritability continued along with panicky feelings. not to mention, starting friday night my urine smelled weird. i know that's a gross thing to blog about but it's true!

and just when i thought these side effects couldn't get any worse, i was practically sleepless on saturday night. i slept for maybe 3 out of the 7 hours i was in bed. i was completely miserable. my body was exhausted but my brain felt so speedy. i had even taken a muscle relaxer before i went to bed because i was worried i might have trouble sleeping and it was the only thing i had around that would put me to sleep. sunday was still a little rough even though it had been over 24 hours since i last took the evil mucinex. by sunday night i think everything had finally worn off and i managed to sleep for about 9 hours. i needed it!

so even though mucinex made my cold symptoms go away, i won't be taking it again. i would rather take nyquil and sleep until my symptoms finally go away. the mucinex experience was a total nightmare. i suppose if i had researched it before i took it i probably would have found all of this out. now i know.


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