Sunday, November 21, 2010

allow me to complain some more

day 3 of the 25mg dose and i am too miserable to continue. i had to go back up to 50mg tonight. and it will probably be almost impossible to get out of bed tomorrow morning. but at least my head won't hurt? so i guess i made that decision...i will sacrifice my energy to keep from having a headache all the fucking time. honestly, i hadn't noticed much difference in my energy level since cutting my dose in half anyway.

so would i rather find out that something else is causing this? kind of. i can probably handle anemia. i can't handle having a headache every day. i do have quite a few symptoms of anemia but that doesn't mean anything. there could be many other explanations for my symptoms. i just want to know so we can fix it. i'm tired of feeling like things are looking up and then getting knocked back down on my ass again.

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