Saturday, November 20, 2010


i went to the doctor on thursday to discuss my current fatigue. we decided to experiment with the medicine i take for my headaches. i'm going from 50mg to 25mg each night. the ideal situation would be that the 25mg dose would still control my headaches and it would also make me less sleepy. we don't even know if it's the medicine that's causing it but we have to try everything. he also had the lab take a ton of my blood. i was told to call the results line in "about a week" to get my results. of course that hasn't stopped me from calling twice since then just in case they already processed all of my tests. they haven't. so i'm supposed to take the lower dose for 2 weeks and then see what happens. i'm sad to say that i'm only on day 2 of 25mg and my head has hurt pretty much all day. so even if it is the medicine that's making me sleeping, this dose is probably not strong enough to help my headaches.

my doctor also mentioned that i may need to be tested for sleep apnea. i don't think i have it but if we don't find the cause anywhere else, it's worth looking into. to be honest, my biggest fear is that it is my medicine though. because then i have to make the decision to be tired all the time or have headaches all the time. i finally find something that works and then it makes me unbearably tired all the time? that's just my luck. i know that i'm possibly jumping the gun here but i am just trying to prepare myself for the worst. although, i guess that might not actually be the worst thing we could discover. my doctor did mention anemia which, honestly, kind of made me chuckle. could you imagine a low red blood cell count with my already astronomically high white blood cell count? that would just be weird.

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