Tuesday, November 16, 2010

heart of gold

a couple weeks ago we watched the neil young concert documentary heart of gold over at my sister's house. nels was napping during most of it but when he woke up he seemed pretty captivated by neil. i recorded most of it on their dvr and this morning when my sister asked nels if he wanted to watch tv, he requested to watch neil young. i honestly could not be more proud! he's 2.5 years old and of all the things he could watch (sesame street, yo gabba gabba, thomas...) he asked to watch heart of gold.

this afternoon nels said, "pinche!" which is spanish for the f word. he goes to a daycare run by a woman from mexico city so it's not that unusual to hear him say something in spanish. however, cursing in spanish is still mostly frowned upon. i don't frown upon it, but i'm sure some do. i think it's hilarious!

i finally made a doctor's appointment to see what this fatigue is all about. i am miserable. it is an enormous struggle for me to get out of bed each morning. i have no idea how i manage to make it through the work day but once i leave there i can't even fathom the idea of doing anything. normally working 10:30-7 would sound great because it would give me the opportunity to go out with friends after work if i wanted and not have to wake up super early to be at work the next day. i've been working this schedule for about 6 weeks and i think i've gone out after work twice, sufjan stevens and mumford and sons. i can't even bring myself to go grocery shopping after work. i'm afraid i'm extremely close to being non-functionally exhausted. i normally don't have to wake up until 8:30 or 9 each morning but if 10:30 pm rolls around and i'm still awake, i freak out. i seriously go to bed between 9-10 most nights these days. that is ridiculous :(

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