Monday, November 15, 2010

it was an experience

well, EAST was interesting this weekend. a lot of people came by the cafe where i was showing and i got a lot of really nice compliments on my pictures. it was fun talking to people about my pictures, like where they were taken and the story behind them. however, it wasn't really all that fun to sit outside for 9 hours saturday and 9 more hours on sunday. i think only 1 person sold anything all weekend so that was kind of a bummer. but, like i said, i really did enjoy having so many people come by and look at my pictures. i had a lot of feedback about my use of color which i never really even noticed but i guess it's true. i am drawn to things with bright, beautiful colors. also, tons of people asked about the mannequin graveyard picture. one lady asked if it was a composite, like i photoshopped pictures of different mannequins into one image. a couple people asked if it was mannequins and real people. i guess since i've seen it in person and i know what's there, i never really thought that any of the mannequins looked very lifelike. one of the other artists there told me that my mailbox picture was, "perfect."

i was so horribly exhausted when i got home last night and the thought of doing this all over again for 18 more hours became too much for me. my bff is coming to town on thursday, then all of my sister's in-laws are coming in on saturday. my baby nephew is being baptized on sunday and i would feel awful for missing that. initially i thought that i would go do the art thing, then go hang out afterwards or whatever but after seeing how tired i was by the time i left both days, i realized that i simply can't do it again this weekend.

we're having a big family lunch from rudy's bbq after karsten's baptism on sunday. in an effort to save money i volunteered to make a banana pudding dessert. when it's just a few of us we usually get pudding from rudy's but when it's 12+ people that just doesn't make sense. my sister and i decided that pudding is too southern for steve's family so i'm going to make banana cupcakes with browned butter frosting. i think it's a nice compromise and am really excited to make them! see, if i were doing the studio tour again this weekend i wouldn't have time for that.

photo from betty crocker recipes

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