Saturday, November 6, 2010

is this thing on?

wow, it's been a while since i've blogged. i don't really even have a good excuse for my absence either. i've been pretty busy with work and when i'm not at work i just want to sleep. sooo yeah, the extreme sleepiness i mentioned last time i bothered to write here has not gone away. i'm sort of starting to think that it's not the medicine. it's been about month at this point, i should be used to it by now. unfortunately i'm too busy working and being tired to worry much about how tired i am all the time. nice, huh?

as i also mentioned at some point in the not too distant past, i am showing photographs during the east austin studio tour which starts next saturday. i procrastinated as long as i possibly could on choosing which photos to show and getting them printed. but that's all done now so i don't have too much left to do to prepare. last night i tried to order more of the photo business cards i got last year on but their website was being an extreme turd and i wasn't able to. so i'm not sure what i'm doing about that yet. i also need to write up prices and a contract for potential buyers but i'm sure i'll wait until the absolute last minute to do that. i'm sort of iffy about this whole thing. i just honestly do not think people will want to buy my pictures. i feel like i am going to be wasting a lot of time, and a little money, on this whole thing. i spent a lot of time going back and forth in my head about whether or not i should even do it and to tell you the truth, i'm not sure why i decided to go through with it.

in other news, i went to see mumford and sons on wednesday night and it was totally incredible. my friend melissa wanted to try to stand somewhere near the front to avoid the drunken chit chat that always happens in the back. it's been a long time since i've ventured anywhere near the front 2/3 of the crowd at stubb's but it was totally worth it. part of the reason i don't try to stand up there is because most of the time it's hot as shit at stubb's. outdoor concerts from may-late september tend to suck here. in the dead of summer it can still be 95 degrees at 9:00pm so usually i just stay towards the back so the only sweat that's on my arm at the end of the night is my own. it was actually a little chilly (whatever, lots of people might not consider 55 chilly but it is here!) on wednesday so being in the middle of the crowd was actually kind of nice. you know what else is nice? not having to tell people to shut the fuck up. i forgot what it's like to not be surrounded by people flapping their traps all the way through a concert. instead, all i heard around me were people singing along. and it was beautiful. i am quite possibly the biggest sucker for crowd sing alongs. even if most of the people would sound like shit if they were singing alone (myself grossly included) somehow it all ends up sounding beautiful. i would say that that type of thing gives me goosebumps but i don't actually get goosebumps in those situations where other people say, "oh man, that gave me goosebumps!" you know what i get? tears in my eyes. not like i'm actually going to cry but somehow my physical reaction is soggy eyeballs where most other peoples' is chicken skin. weird, i know.

now i will leave you with a funny story about my 2.5 year old nephew. he ate a pepper last night. a wild pepper that grows in the bushes. my dad eats them all the time so they're not harmful in any sense other than being spicy. so nels eats a pepper then starts screaming about how spicy it is. then he comes inside and runs up to me and says, "take it off, tessie!" i assumed he was talking about his jacket because he had been outside so i said, "take off your jacket?" and he says, "no, take the spicy off!" after he downed a ton of juice and then some milk, my dad (papi) wiped his mouth off with a baby wipe and nels stuck is tongue out so papi could wipe it off too. haha poor guy!

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