Thursday, December 16, 2010

no "weird shit"

i do not have sleep apnea. in fact, the doctor told me that there was no "weird shit" going on during my sleep study. at first i thought maybe i misheard him but then he said shit, like, 2 more times and threw in another cuss word as well. luckily i was extremely comforted by his language rather than offended, like some people might be. now, don't get me wrong, i am glad that i don't have sleep apnea...i don't want to wear a freaking c-pap machine every night but (of course there's a but) i'm disappointed that there is still no explanation for what's going on. i'm starting to think i'm just going to have to get used to it.

in other news, my bff is coming back soon! i wish i didn't have to work all next week because i won't have that much time to spend with her. boo work. but i'm excited to see her, especially so soon since her last visit. it's almost like she lives here again. someday...!

so here's a random story that really cracks me up. a couple of weeks ago my sister brought her family over and i was watching david bowie and the spiders from mars on palladia. nels seemed enthralled with david bowie so i said something about that to my sister and then nels spent the next hour babbling about dagid bogie. then a week later i was watching something else on palladia and nels said, "that dagid bogie?" haha he kills me, he really does.

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