Sunday, December 19, 2010

how to get a day off work

i haven't really written about this here but i'm in training in a pharmacy to be a technician. i've been doing it since the beginning of october. so that's really the only "back story" you need here...

i had a terrible headache all last weekend, complete with serious vomiting. yeah, awesome, right? on sunday night i texted one of my co-workers to see if she could work for me on monday because i was so sick. she called me early monday morning and said she could only work until 1:30 so i said i would come in then and work the rest of the shift. i was afraid to call in sick because i know how horrible it is to be short handed in the pharmacy. it is an absolute nightmare! around 11:30 my co-worker called and said that she called our boss and told him i was sick and he said i should just stay home, that they could handle it without me.

after she told me that i asked if my doctor had called in any prescriptions for me. he was supposed to be calling in something for the nausea as well as something for the pain. she said that he had and they were ready to be picked up so i went to get them. it wasn't until after i had paid for them that i realized something doctor called in suppositories. so what is worse than being prescribed suppositories? picking them up from the pharmacy you work at. having your co-worker type the words "per rectum" on a prescription for you is awesome.

later that day i realized why my boss said i could stay home. my co-worker must have called him and said, "stefanie's doctor just called in a prescription for SUPPOSITORIES! she must be really sick."

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