Wednesday, December 22, 2010

of course

of course i would get sick the week of christmas. and of course i'm going to blog about it because all i do is blog about feeling like shit.

my nephew has had a cough and snotty nose for a couple of weeks now. then my sister and mom came down with a wicked cough. i thought i was in the clear because it had seriously been DAYS since everyone else got sick and i felt fine. then sunday morning i woke up feeling "rattly" in my chest. by monday night i was sickity sick. i tried to get an appointment with my doctor (or any doctor at his practice) for any morning this week but there were zero openings. yesterday at work my boss actually had the nerve to ask me if i was going to go to the doctor to get my cough checked out. my response was, "when do you expect me to do this? i work until at least 6:30 every night." he thought it was funny. after i got off work tonight i headed across the street to the minute clinic to get checked out. turns out i have a sinus infection, some sort of upper respiratory thing, and my right ear is about 2 seconds away from becoming infected. my blood pressure is high right now (because i'm sick and stressed out) so i can't take any decongestants. that makes this whole thing even worse, let me tell you. it's just antibiotics and tessalon perles for me.

and OF COURSE i can't really call in sick to work. we are already so short-handed because one of our techs left last weekend and this time of year is just insane in the pharmacy. so many people trying to get their prescriptions because they're heading out of town or people who are here from out of town and have forgotten their prescriptions. it's just madness. i want to know how all of these people leave their homes without their freaking medicine? that should be the FIRST thing you pack. come on! and of course i'm not even off work on christmas eve. boo.

i'm done complaining though. tomorrow night i am going to make and decorate christmas cookies with coco, papi, and nels and i'm super excited about that. i think we'll need a tarp for the kitchen counter and a poncho for nels. i imagine it's going to get messy. then friday i'll work until 5, then it's time for presents and food! in my family we open all of our presents on christmas eve. we're having fried chicken for christmas eve and pork loin for christmas day. yum yum! let's just hope i don't feel any MORE sick than i do now. the antibiotics i'm on take 3-4 days to really do anything, which sucks.

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