Wednesday, December 8, 2010

one of those tests you can't study for

no, not a pregnancy or drug test, a sleep test! this time tomorrow i'll have just arrived at a total sleep center to be observed. they're looking for sleep apnea. i still don't think i have it but i guess i won't really know until i go through with the study. i received a huge pdf of all the information i need before i go in. some of the things on the list seem so odd to me.

please bring your night attire to change into, and any toiletries or medications you might need. um, can't i just show up in my pjs?

please arrive freshly showered with your hair washed and completely dry. my hair takes hours to dry. sooo i guess i won't be so freshly showered?

no lotions, gels, makeup, hairsprays, etc. i'm going to look so frightening without my hair products :(

please shave prior to your study. beards are acceptable. but i'm guessing leg beards aren't acceptable?

there is a television in each room. please feel free to bring a book or magazines to make yourself comfortable. **the technician will ask you to turn off the tv/put away any reading material at lights off.** i hope it goes something like the exchange between royal and chas in the royal tenenbaums were chas leaves saying, "them's the rules."

please do not consume alcohol or caffeinated beverages or eat any large meals at least 3 hours prior to the study. if you get hungry prior to the study a light snack is allowed. my study is at 8:30 so i have to eat dinner before 5:30. how is that going to work when i don't get off work until 6:30? ugh, bogus. is it because they don't want me to poop there? i don't understand. then on another page, which seems to be a totally different list, they say not to drink alcohol or caffeine after 12:00pm on the day of the study. so which is it? 3 hours or 8.5 hours?

please refrain from eating chocolate on the day of your sleep study. i don't eat chocolate that often but of course since i'm not supposed to, i'm going to want to.

please remove any finger nail polish before arriving for your sleep study. okay, i'm stumped. someone explain this to me.

do not take any naps the day of the study/do not take naps the day of your scheduled sleep study. yes, the same thing on 2 separate pages. i guess they realllly don't want me to take a nap tomorrow.

bring pajamas or comfortable sleep wear, preferably with a button down front. i own nothing that buttons down and i'm not going to go buy some cheesy flannel pj set just so i can bring a preferable top to the study. they'll have to deal with my t-shirt.

so yeah, this should be interesting. i am quite nervous that i'm not going to be able to sleep there. i have a hard enough time falling asleep in my own bed, i can't imagine how much i'm going to struggle there. i'll let y'all know how it goes!

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Jenn said...

**Nail polish: This has to do with the pulse oximeter they'll put on your finger. "They" say that nail polishes (darker colors) will interfere with the read of the machine (it tests for your oxygen intake).

Let me know how it goes. I seriously think I need to do one of these. Ken says I've been snoring "Helena" style and I feel like shit every single morning when I wake up. Headaches, irritable...