Sunday, December 12, 2010

totally sleepless

one word to sum up my experience at total sleep: ugh. it was one of the worst night's sleep i've ever had. i was in bed for about 8 hours and i maybe slept 3-4 hours. i was so uncomfortable. i sleep best on my side (either side, it doesn't matter) but i had to remain on my back the entire night. i woke up constantly and never really felt like i had fallen asleep at all. it sucked. friday sucked. i had the darkest, nastiest circles under my eyes all day. i felt like a zombie. i was supposed to meet up with some new friends (friends of a friend who just moved to austin) on friday night but i had to reschedule with them because i was just too damn tired. i felt awful for canceling but i just couldn't go out that night.

i have to make an appointment with an ear/nose/throat specialist just to find out the results of my sleep study. that irritates the living shit out of me. i do not want to pay for an office visit with a specialist just to find out my results! how about if i have sleep apnea, i'll make a damn appointment? anyway, here are some pictures i took with my phone of the room i was trapped in all night.

the hard bed with a plastic sheet that made all sorts of noise every time i moved. oh and the regular sheets were stiff as hell and the one blanket on the bed was super thin.

my view from the bed. note the super cool night vision surveillance camera in the top right corner. creepy.

i was all stoked because i thought they had dish. they did not. if i had known there would be a dvd player i seriously would have brought a movie. i was forced to watch barbara walters...blech.

not a normal nightstand...

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