Monday, December 6, 2010

other things

this is just a random update on things.

  • thanksgiving was so much fun this year! i had a full day of family, friends, and friends who are family. i am very grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and i got to spend quality time with quite a few of those people on thanksgiving. it was fun but oh so exhausting. i went from my sister's house to my best friend's parents' house, back to my sister's house and then to my friend wysteria's house. phew! 

  • on my way home from wysteria's, around midnight, i saw a police car up ahead and thought that someone was being pulled over. as i approached i realized that the police car and the other car were actually in the intersection. then i saw something i had never seen before. i saw a man, who i presumed to be dead, laying in the road. there was only one officer on the scene when i got there and he had just gotten out of his car to inspect the victim. the man was probably 50 or 60 and i immediately burst into tears because all i could think about was how he was probably someone's dad or grandpa. i never used to think of things that way but now that i have a nephew who worships his papi, it's all i can think about. i learned later that the man did die in the hospital a few hours later. i don't know anything about him or his life but i feel so sad for the people that he left behind. 

  • i don't do black friday. last year my sister and i went to target around 4:00 in the afternoon because we were bored and i ended up scoring the first 3 seasons of weeds for $8 each. this year i went out about that same time and headed to old navy. i wasn't looking for anything in particular but i ended up finding a most adorable gray surplus coat with a faux-fur lined hood for 50% off! i really did need a new coat because the others i have are not very warm nor are they super functional, neither has a hood and one doesn't even have pockets! yeah, i know i live in texas but it still gets cold here sometimes. anyway, i am beyond thrilled with my new coat that i only paid $30 for and didn't have to fight crowds to get. 

  • last sunday one of my mom's oldest friends passed away. he had been sick for quite sometime but as almost everyone knows, that doesn't really make it any easier. if my math is correct, my mom was friends with this man for 40 something years, and still kept in contact with him. can you imagine that? i hope that i am able to maintain friendships for that long but i always find myself thinking of that line from death cab for cutie's steadier footing, "we just talk about the people we've met in the last 5 years and will we remember them in 10 more?" 

  • my darling friend robin is in austin right now. she's been living in lubbock for the past year receiving very aggressive chemotherapy treatments for a sarcoma on the back of her neck and the subsequent tumors in her lung that metastasized there. i was able to see her for a few hours last night and it was wonderful. i just miss her so much and i'm ready for her to come home to austin for good. there isn't a clear timeline on how much longer her treatment is going to take but her doctors at md anderson told her to expect another 6-12 months :(

  • only 13 more days until my bff is back in austin for another visit! now if only she would just move back already. 

  • my computer has a virus. i've never had a virus on any computer in my life. it's a real pisser. i've been wanting to get a new computer for a while now so i think this virus shit is the kick in the ass i need to make it happen. it's probably going to have to wait until after christmas, and possibly until my tax return comes in, but i will buy a macbook sometime in the coming months. 

  • i'm still dealing with the extreme sleepiness. all of my blood work came back normal which is great but that also means that no one knows what my deal is. i had another appointment with my doctor on thursday and we are going to gradually decrease my dose of elavil rather than trying to cut it half overnight, because that obviously didn't work. i'm also supposed to be tested for sleep apnea but i'm quite sure i don't have it. who knows?
wow, so there you have it. some of the things that have been going on with me lately. 

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