Monday, December 6, 2010

a year already?

one year ago today we lost our incredible friend sam turn. i cannot believe it has already been a year. it feels like just a couple of days ago i got the wake up call from sarah telling me the bad news. i remember absolutely everything about the minutes, hours, and days that followed that phone call. it is all so clear and fresh in my mind. to be honest, i thought that i wold be in a different place with this by now. the good days have finally started to outweigh the bad but the bad days are still terrible, much worse than i expected. i don't really know how or why i had any expectations for the way i would heal from this loss because i had nothing to compare it to because until sam died i had never suffered a significant loss. i can say that it has been a learning and growing experience for me and my relationships with certain friends. here's hoping as the years go by it gets easier, but not too easy. if it's too easy it's because i've started forgetting her and i don't ever want that to happen.

kelly, suzy, me, and sam at my tacky christmas sweater party in 2006

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