Saturday, January 15, 2011

passen...wait, driver's side?

when i got my last car, the cobalt, i had a hard time adjusting to the gas tank being on the passenger side because in my car before that it was on the driver's side. lucky for me one of my favorite bands has a song called passenger side so i would sing that song every time i went to put gas in my car. then it just became a habit so i sang it every time i put gas in my car for the last 5.5 years.

watch this video, it is awesome. it's wilco live with andrew bird and some great crowd participation. my favorites! 

well, my new car's gas tank is back on the driver's side! i will admit that i am a little bummed that i won't need to sing passenger side every time i get gas now. or maybe i still do? maybe i need to sing "not" in front of the rest of the lyrics. speaking of new car, i love it but i still haven't decided on a name for it. i'm just stumped. 

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