Saturday, January 29, 2011

she likes it

the title of this post cracks me up. my bff is the only person who will get it and it's not even that funny but anyway...this is just going to be a list of random things that i like. i've been feeling a little gloomy this week and i've just been diagnosed with yet another sinus/ear infection, so i'd like to remind myself of the things that i like.

my family (this includes my nephews who are probably my favorite people on the planet)
all of my friends near and far
getting to visit said far friends
the internet for helping me stay in touch with so many people
the internet for providing me with endless hours of entertainment
clean hair
black and white photography
strawberry kefir
anderson cooper (my new car)
craft stores
my apple prodcuts (iphone and macbook)
weeds (the tv show...the first 3 seasons anyway)
rich girl by hall and oates
pictures of urban decay
kelly being back in austin
concert season
visits from my bff
cooking food that people really like even if i don't care for the flavors/ingredients
netflix instant play
white grapes (even though they're actually green)
baseball season
really good mango strawberry margaritas
laughing so hard my abs ache
other people laughing so hard they accidentally let out a snort
my beautiful cat jolene
golden raisins
cinnamon applesauce
chicken nuggets
slipper socks
gilmore girls
university of kansas basketball
bathroom graffiti
falling asleep on the couch to the sound of football coming from the tv

that's just the random stuff off the top of my head. man, now i want a cupcake.

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