Saturday, January 29, 2011

i am a toddler

i've been feeling pretty crappy the last few days. headache, stiff neck, general aches and pains along with some cold-like symptoms. yesterday one of my co-workers found out that she has the flu (even though she got a flu shot) and i immediately started to get paranoid that i had the flu too. i did not get a flu shot (even though they're free for me at work) and pharmacy manager told me that if i got the flu this year i wasn't allowed to call in sick because i could have prevented it by getting a flu shot. he was only half serious when he said it but still, it made me nervous. i went to the doctor this morning and she told me that i definitely have a sinus infection and ear infection again. i just got over those same infections about a month ago. then she told me, "i don't think you have the flu but even if you did, it's too late to do anything about it now." um, what? so if it's beyond the point where it would respond to an antiviral is it also beyond the point where it is contagious? ugh, whatever. so now i'm back on antibiotics for 10 days. also, i accidentally took 3 times the amount of promethazine with codeine cough syrup i was supposed to take. i didn't have a measuring device so i thought i would just take a small swig from the bottle. yeah, a 30ml swig. that's 6 teaspoons! the recommended dosage is 1-2 teaspoons! i survived the overdose though, after i woke up from my 4 hour couch coma.

my poor nephew, nels, has been on antibiotics twice this month for an ear infection in his right ear. this morning he was messing with his ear the same way he had been a couple of weeks ago so i told my sister he might need to go back to the doctor. i totally feel like a toddler right now. the fact that i've eaten very little besides goldfish crackers today also makes me feel like a toddler.


Lizzie said...

Your post came directly after this one in my google reader. Perfect set of back-to-back titles.

Lizzie said...

(PS, duh, hope you feel better!)