Tuesday, February 1, 2011

did i find you or you find me?

all my life when i'm quite grown up i will always remember my grandfather and how he smelled of tobacco and peppermint. -susan evers, the parent trap

i've always loved that quote. for my grandfather, it would be that he smelled of tobacco and sweat. he's a farmer with relaxed hygienic standards. i've been thinking about things like this, not just remembering the way a person smells, but remembering something specific about them. whenever i think of my uncle john i think of how he used to pick me and my sister up and carry us around the house, even after we got too big to pick up easily.

i wonder what my nephews will remember about me? i hope they remember our dance parties in the kitchen to the talking heads, or our repeated viewings of take a chance on me on youtube (nels requests it ALL the time). when nels was a wee tot i used to play take a chance on me to calm him down and i swear to god it worked a lot of the time. now he walks over to my "coober" (computer) and says, "want take a chance on me." it's adorable! this is my favorite one for us to dance to though

so far karsten seems content to sit in his vibrating chair and watch me dance around like a moron.

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