Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bla bla i'm sick bla bla bla

everyone loves hearing about other people being sick. i know. so i've been feeling under the weather for about a week now. i think i went into most of the details here. when i was at work on monday i felt completely miserable. i actually started crying a couple of times because i felt so icky. i was very dizzy and constantly felt like i was going to barf, fall over, or fall over and then barf on myself. i knew that i couldn't call in sick though because we already had one tech out with the flu. i started to get really frustrated with that fact and basically told my pharmacy manager that he needed to figure something out because i'm also running a fever and feeling like shit. he called me when i was on my way home monday night and told me to take a sick day on tuesday.

so tuesday, yesterday, my left ear started hurting. all along it had just been my right ear. i called my doctor's office and told them about the dizziness and the pain in both ears and they told me that i needed to be seen and evaluated again. ugh. long story a little less long, the doctor checked me over pretty well and said that my ears actually look pretty good but my sinuses are a hot mess. they're so inflamed right now that it's causing problems in my ears. so now i have a corticosteroid nasal spray and meclizine for the dizziness.

i went back to work today but left a few hours early. my ears don't hurt quite as bad but they did start feeling itchy? i don't know. i've been taking the meclizine pretty regularly since last night and it seems to be helping a lot. either that or the dizziness went away on its own. i have no way of knowing right now. i don't really want to risk finding out just yet.

i'm so sick of this crap. but, once again, i am glad i don't have the flu.

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