Friday, February 4, 2011


they've been talking about it all week, "it's going to snow 1-3 inches in central texas over night on thursday!" "i'll believe that when i see it," i thought every time i heard someone mention the possibility of snow.  well i'll be dipped in dog shit if it didn't snow about an inch here last night! i know what you're thinking, "an inch? big freaking deal." and your judgment would be correct, except here in central texas if even one flurry falls from the sky or if a plane drops a cube of ice on the highway the ENTIRE city shuts down. we can handle 110 degrees but we cannot handle snow and ice.

here's the deal, we are not taught how to drive in winter weather conditions. we don't have cars that are good for driving on snow or ice and we don't have the right kind of tires either. so when you wake up one morning and hear that there is snow on top of ice covering every roadway, you go back to sleep because you know you won't be expected to show up at work. i have already spent a full day at home this week due to being ill so i wouldn't actually mind going to work today but the problem is the bridge, that damn bridge. i have to cross lake austin to get to work and that involves driving over a bridge that is, umm, i don't know how long. somewhere between 1/4-1/2 mile, i think. so until it is safe to drive over the bridge i'll just sit around the house in my pajamas. i read that it should be above freezing by around 3:00 today but i'm only supposed to work until 4:00 so it doesn't look like i'm going in at all. oh well!

and now i'll leave you with a few pictures so those of you who experience actual snow can laugh heartily.

edited to add this totally adorbs picture of myself in my ridiculous hood. if i can't wear it today, when can i wear it?

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Centrechick said...

yes, this did make me laugh a bit. Then I remembered living in Kentucky where there's about one snow plow per county in the entire state. Snow when you're not prepared for it sucks.

But it sure is pretty.