Wednesday, March 9, 2011

888 hours

by next monday i will have spent 888 of the last 1,992 hours taking antibiotics. that's 37 out of the last 83 days. ridiculous! 10 days on amoxicillin, 10 days on augmentin, and 17 days on cipro...all for my sinuses.

about a week ago i started to get concerned that i had a chronic sinus infection so i made an appointment with the ear, nose, and throat doctor i saw back in december to get the results of my sleep study. he told me, and i quote, "there's not a whole hell of a lot anyone can do about a sinus infection." he also mentioned that i would probably be fine once the summer rolled around and we were out of "sinus infection season." there's a sinus infection season? he did a ct scan of my sinuses and found that the 10 days i had just spent taking cipro had not cleared up my infection so he put me on it for another 7 days. now i'm even more convinced that i have a chronic sinus infection because if those 10 days on antibiotics didn't do anything, why would i believe that the previous 10 day rounds of antibiotics would have?

the good news is that my ears aren't infected anymore. i still have some ear pain due to the swelling in my sinuses but it's not unbearable. i also haven't had to take the vertigo medicine in several days so that's good. the bad news is that my mucus membranes are a hot mess. i won't go into any more detail but, ugh, this whole sickness suuuucks.

sxsw is just around the corner but it seems i'm probably only going to be able to do stuff wednesday and saturday because of work. i'm sad about it but it's probably for the best. i am not really healthy enough to "do it to it" for 4 or 5 days in a row anyway. however, that also means less time to spend with my bff and that is way lame. but if i had to pick 2 days to participate in the madness, wednesday and saturday are good ones because wednesday is my birthday and saturday is the rachael ray party. i'm not really a fan of rachael ray on tv but i am a fan of her party. the food is always decent (i'm sure it would be a lot better if it weren't being prepared for a few thousand people and stored in warming boxes), the drinks are good, and there's always at least one band that i will want to see. this year that band is fitz and the tantrums. usually by saturday (her party is always on saturday) i'm worn the hell out but this year maybe i'll be more energized! i'm just trying to put a positive spin on my lack of days off from work.

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