Tuesday, March 8, 2011

cry baby

i'm a very sensitive person. i don't know how much of that comes across in my blog or even in my every day life but believe, i'm super sensitive. i'm a pisces, for crying out loud, we can't help it. over the years i have tried to get used to certain behavior rather than let it upset me because it's such a waste of time to get upset about stuff i can't control. one thing that i have not gotten used to is people speaking down to me or unjustly yelling at me. i cannot deal with it. some folks are able to let that type of shit roll of their backs but not me, it makes me angry, angry to the point of crying. such an episode occurred at work today. with my boss. i can't even get into the details because i will just get all worked up again but let's just say that it wasn't pretty. he was yelling, i yelled back, and then i cried, and cried, and cried. it's been building up inside of me for the past few months and today it all spewed out. i've tried so hard to let his shitty comments roll off my back but today was my breaking point. i told him if he ever speaks that way to me again that i am out. i'm not stupid enough to think that i'm irreplaceable and that he'll simply have to change his ways for me, however, he should know that the next time he does it i am walking out with no regrets. and i'm not the only person he treats like shit. one coworker who has worked for him for almost 4 years has to take xanax to be able to come to work, and another, a new girl, has started calling in sick rather than having to work with him so often because he's so mean to her. in a way it's nice to know that i'm not the only one who reacts to his bullshit. maybe it makes me feel less crazy? but in a way i feel more crazy for putting up with it.

and i'd like to restate something i posted on twitter a little while ago and that is you know your day has been terrible when a haircut and tacos al pastor from curra's can't even cheer you up.

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