Saturday, March 5, 2011

nels goes to the salon

my nephew nels was born with a very full head of hair.

in his almost 3 years on this planet he has never had a professional haircut, my sister always cuts his hair. she's given him a couple of "ok" haircuts and more than a couple pretty bad ones. i present the buzz cut of '09 as evidence.

in her defense, nels is extremely difficult when someone is cutting his hair. he screams and cries pretty much non-stop. i can't say that that wouldn't distract me enough to end up screwing up a haircut so badly that i ended up having to buzz it either. 

a couple of months ago cecily asked nels if he would like to have a nice lady cut his hair. he seemed receptive to this idea, all we had to do was find a nice lady and my sister's haircutting days would be over. my mom recently bought a groupon to a children's salon so this morning we (my mom, dad, and i) took nels to see a nice lady. except, she wasn't a very nice lady. 

nels seemed fine before the haircut, he was very excited to play with the train set at the salon.

as soon as she mentioned putting him up in the car chair he became upset. he kept saying, "i don't want a haircut." it was kind of cute and also kind of annoying. then he became a bit embarrassing. he kept saying, "owwww!" and, "i hurt!" as if his hair has tiny nerve endings. 

i finally gave him my iphone to try to get him to calm down.

we managed to get him to stop crying for the most part.

and when it was all over he was happy to oblige when i asked him to show us what george says.

"he say, "hmmm?"" (while scratching his head)

he seemed to have survived his first trip to the salon. in the future i think a) his mom needs to be there and b) he needs an actual nice lady to cut his hair. this chick barely talked to him, she didn't try to cheer him up or calm him down or anything. maybe it's a misconception but i just assumed anyone who worked at a children's salon would, you know, be good with children? 

oh, and if there's any doubt that this kid and i are related, i present my cry face when i was about his age.

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Summer {athena in the middle} said...

poor nel! and look at you. hahahahah!