Monday, March 28, 2011

brunch is back

i went to brunch yesterday for the first time in at least 6 weeks. it was kelly's birthday and we were treated to a super delicious and fun meal at 24 diner. i had the french toast platter that came with the most amazing cream topping. the menu just says "vanilla cream" but it tasted like some sort of whipped vanilla cream cheese. it was absolutely delicious. my meal also came with "fresh fruit" which at most restaurants is usually grapes and 2 or 3 different kinds of melon. i am not really a melon fan so i usually don't care much for the fruit bowl but at 24 diner they had orange, grapefruit, and banana in their fruit bowl! it was so refreshing to be served good fruit for a change. this place has been open for over a year but yesterday was my first time to eat there and it certainly won't be my last. kelly got the chicken and waffles which i sampled a little bit of. my only complaint was that the fried chicken didn't seem to be very seasoned. maybe fried chicken that's served with a waffle is prepared differently? i don't know much about the dish so i don't know if seasoning is common or not. we also tried the roasted banana brown sugar milkshake. it was alright. it didn't have a very strong banana flavor and it tasted too cinnamon-y though. i feel like i could probably make a better banana milkshake.

another first for me that happened this weekend was finally going to swan dive. a month or so ago i emailed kelly and amber and said that we should check this place out because all the stuff i've read makes it sound like something we would really like. well, then i got sick and didn't go out for a loooong time but kelly and amber went a few times and really liked it. anyway, it was awesome! i was a little put off by the $5 cover but it was worth it. the band that was playing on saturday night was so fun, they're called the inheritance and are self described as gypsy punk. my only complaint was the clarinet player's bare feet. i hate seeing bare feet!

i had a lot of fun this weekend and i felt lucky that i had something to distract me from kansas's loss yesterday. at least there are only 2 more days until baseball season!

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