Tuesday, March 29, 2011

somewhere out there

when i was in elementary school i performed a dance to somewhere out there from an american tail with my dance class. we wore electric blue sleeveless unitards. i mean, doesn't that sound awesome?! it was. i've been thinking a lot about all of my friends who live across the country and this song popped into my head. it's super cheesy but sometimes i am actually blown away by the fact that we can look out our windows and see the same moon that our friends all over the country are seeing too. the super moon last weekend really brought that to my attention, seeing pictures of it taken from so many different locations was a little mind boggling!

i have close friends all over the place and while it's awesome to be able to go visit once every few years, it would be nicer if we all just lived in the same city. and now that i have a whopping 5 vacation days for the entire year, it's hard for me to even think about going to see anyone. luckily austin is an awesome town that thousands of people love to visit, because every once in a while one of those visitors is someone i love. after thinking about all of my far away lovelies tonight, i was inspired to make a graphic using one of my favorite quotes.

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