Friday, March 11, 2011

canisters, cubes, and birds

i got my dry goods canisters last weekend! i really wanted a set of 5 or more but i could not find any (at the 2 stores i went to) so i settled for the set of 4 and a few pinch bowls with air tight lids. running errands on saturdays is awful so i just couldn't bring myself to explore any other stores. i tried to go to the container store and i walked out 0.5 seconds after i walked in. tooooo many people.

that last pinch bowl is currently empty but i think i'm going to put baking soda in it. yay! i made my aunt's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (a recipe i used a lot as a kid and then lost until a couple of weeks ago) and it was so nice and easy having nearly all of my ingredients right on the counter. and speaking of those cookies...YUM! i forgot how delicious they are. 

in other news, i bought this cube organizer last weekend with 5 black cubes to store all of my crap in. i have a lot of crap. i try and try to get rid of stuff but i somehow continue to collect things that i feel i simply cannot get rid of. i'm not a hoarder by any means but i still have a bit more stuff than i'm comfortable with. 

i like this cost effective way to store my stuff but it's a bit bland, yes? i thought about getting the cubes in different colors but i didn't like the image of that in my head. i have a couple of different ideas that i'm going to try on this soon. and i finally put this wall decal up that i bought on clearance...about 6 months ago

my walls are a tad too textured for these types of things but i like it too much to be bothered by that. 

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