Saturday, March 12, 2011

come on down, i'll chew on the dog!

as i lay here in bed watching beetlejuice for the billionth time, i am reminded of all the movies that i watched incessantly as a child. it wasn't until i was much older that i realized it isn't normal for a kid in elementary school to watch beetlejuice, batman, ghostbusters, and indiana jones and the last crusade on a pretty much weekly basis.

my uncle john was the first person i knew who owned a cd player. he was so hip back then. he was also the first person i knew who had 2 vcrs and could make copies of movies, thus the strange list of movies for a kid to own. my twin friends, alison and alanna, once told me about their uncle john who also copied movies for them using 2 vcrs except he copied movies like the little mermaid, you know, movies that are appropriate for children. oh and don't think i didn't watch the little mermaid A LOT when i was a kid, because i did, but it didn't stick with me in the same way. and the "kid" movies that did stick with me? creepy movies like the return to oz and the gnome-mobile. have any of y'all seen those movies? creepy as shit!

now, as near as i can tell, watching these "grown-up" movies as a youngster didn't have any real affect on me. yes, i am an odd duck but i think that was bound to happen anyway.

picture from the gnome-mobile released by disney in 1967

what movies do you remember watching the most as a child? 

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Centrechick said...

The Neverending Story. My dad jokes still that when he would come home from work, he would come in the back door which would give him a direct view of the tv and if Neverending Story was on, I was home. If GI Joe was on, one of my brothers had control of the tv.