Saturday, March 12, 2011

repurposing my crap

the other day i posted about my cube storage unit that i got last weekend and how i was looking for a way to "jazz" it up. i had a few different ideas ranging from contact paper in the empty cubes to "reupholstering" the black bins. all of these ideas involved going to a craft store and i simply did not have it in me to do so today. however, as i was finishing my spring cleaning i stumbled upon something that was absolutely PERFECT for my project. 

i have this bedding from target

it came in this bag

can you see where this is going yet? i found that bag in the back of my closet and about an hour later i had this

i am SO pleased with how it came out! i can't believe i once thought about throwing that bag away. i am really glad i hoarded it in my closet because it ended up being absolutely perfect for this project. i can't imagine this looking any other way now!