Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i'm too old for this shit

i may have to put sxsw on my murtaugh list pretty soon. i was out today for about 10 hours and i feel like i am dying. all in all, we didn't even do that much walking either but somehow my entire body is aching. my shoulders are killing me from lugging my bag around all day, too. BUT i had a really fun day so i can't complain too much but i do realize that i lose a fair amount of steam each year that goes by. i noticed it last year when i was home and in bed by 10:00 every night. i used to rage all day and night and now i get tired just thinking about doing that! i'll list some highlights and lowlights of my day.

let's get the lowlights out of the way first
-waiting for 2 hours to get wristbands to the fader fort
-almost peeing my pants in said 2 hour line
-getting into a confrontation with assholes who cut in front of us in said 2 hour line
-my iphone's battery seems to be on its last leg

-tito's and lemonade while waiting in line for fader wristbands
-fader fort no longer being sponsored by southern comfort
-free espresso and lattes!
-free fresh popcorn from cornucopia
-walking to liberty specifically to buy food from east side king and discovering that the food is FREE during whatever event we stumbled into
-spending my day with these weirdos

now it's back to work for a couple of days and then i'm going to try to pull off a day AND night party on saturday. rachael ray and perez hilton parties! 

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