Tuesday, March 15, 2011

what's in your bag?

i just finished packing up my supplies for tomorrow. i know i'm over-prepared for sxsw but i would obviously much rather be safe than sorry. last year 4 or 5 people charged their iphones on my charger at the fader fort because i was the only one who brought a charger! anyway, this is what's in my bag:

1. a mini first aid kit containing a lot of crap
2. clorox wipes
3. sweet leaf chapstick 
4. kleenex
5. tums
6. ziploc bag full of random otc medicine like pepto, pepcid, sudafed, and benadryl, also my antihistamine nasal spray

not pictured: ibuprofen, maxalt (migraine medicine) and ondansetron (nausea medicine that goes with migraines)

there's nothing worse than having an upset tummy or heartburn while you're trying to drink your weight in free booze, not to mention a migraine. i know this is more stuff than some people take on camping trips but whatever, i'm always super popular with my friends and strangers because of my bag o' crap.

and on a totally unrelated note, i had to renew my driver's license this year. i went in on valentine's day and they said it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive. less than 4 weeks later my new license came in the mail and i have to say, i quite like my picture! i haven't taken a driver's license picture since i was 18 so i was a little nervous how it would turn out. 

obviously the color in that picture is a little off but what do you think? i think it's pretty nice!

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