Thursday, March 24, 2011

the promise of spring

i've been at varying levels of "under the weather" since the last week of february and i'm ready to move past that crap. april is shaping up to be quite lovely and i surely hope i am able to enjoy all of the goings on.

april 7 guster at stubb's it's been 2 years since the gusters have blessed our fine city with their presence and i for one cannot wait. i know i'm going to miss joe being up there on stage but i've heard great things about luke so i'm open-minded to the change. 

april 22 cut copy at stubb's i believe it's also been about 2 years since i last saw cut copy (also at stubb's) and i'm really looking forward to the sold-out dance party that is sure to ensue. cecily and steve's friends from college, sarah and dan, will be in town for about a week during this time so steve and i are taking dan to this show. 

april 23 CRAWFISH BOIL no, i do not eat crawfish but for the past 10 years i have deemed the crawfish boil day one of my favorite holidays of the year. the boil takes place on holy saturday every year and it really is something i look forward to year round. lots of food, lots of drinks, LOTS of laughs. sarah and dan get to enjoy this event with us as well. yay! 

april 26 mumford and sons, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, and old crow medicine show at 4th and waller i cannot wait for this show! even though i'm not much of an edward sharpe fan i'm sure i'm going to have a really fun time. hopefully marcus mumford will fall in love with me this time. it was a bit awkward last time i saw them because he acted like he hardly noticed me. hopefully steve and dan won't cockblock me. i kid. 

may 3 arcade fire at the backyard okay, this isn't in april but it's close enough and it might be the thing i'm very most excited about. after much struggle with the horrible online ticketing process my very wonderful friend jason was able to score tickets for me, cecily, and steve. it has been almost 4 years since i last saw arcade fire and i'm so excited for this opportunity to see them at a venue smaller than a basketball arena! 

and though it's entirely too late for march to redeem itself, i am quite looking forward to a family/friend party this saturday afternoon that has promised fajitas. i am attempting to make margarita cupcakes for the event and i'll try to update on my success/failure in procuring said confections. wish me luck because i'm going to be making a meringue for the first time and that is downright terrifying! 

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Bonnie said...

RE Mumford. I'll keep Ted occupied. Don't worry, I've got your back...and a mean upright bass player fetish!