Friday, March 4, 2011

when you go gambling do you go to mohegan or foxwoods?

i thought i had written about this before but i can't seem to find it anywhere. for the last 3 years or so i have been getting emails meant for a woman named stefanie who lives in philadelphia. the first emails were meeting notes for some committee that this woman is on. i replied to several of them telling them to take my email address off their list because i am not who they think i am and they finally stopped sending them to me. after that i got more emails for her though, usually confirming an online order like yankee candle or some shit. once i got an email that appeared to be an electronic file on a patient seeing a speech therapist. i deleted that one immediately because it made me super uncomfortable that it was even in my inbox. i always just delete her emails and forget about them...until tonight...

tonight i got an email from foxwoods casino in connecticut confirming my reservation. apparently i am staying at the two trees inn on august 20th. hmmm...i'm pretty sure that's for the other stefanie. the confirmation contains her full name (her last name is my middle name, hence the email confusion), her address and her phone number. the address appears to be in the middle of an italian market in philadelphia. one of the businesses down the street is a coffee house that i have also been getting emails from. 

my email address is my first name dot my middle name at gmail. i know that gmail has some sort of "smart" feature where if someone sends me an email to my first name my middle name at gmail (without the dot in between) it will still be delivered to my inbox. but is that this woman's email address since that is her first and last name? i don't get enough emails to think that i get all of her emails so i don't understand why some of them come to me. i almost want to write a letter to this woman to let her know that somehow i'm receiving her emails that contain some private information. luckily i'm not a total creepo so i won't do anything with her information, other than maybe mail her a letter. should i contact gmail about this? internet, i need your advice! 

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Alicia said...

Have you tried sending an email to what you think is her address?